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Where to eat in Ho Chi Minh

Our tasty Saigon food tour: Too full to move!

After seven years, I came back to Ho Chi Minh City with my wife. Previously we have travelled to other parts of Vietnam and enjoyed the cuisines of Nha Trang ...

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh

My perfect getaway weekend in Saigon with a local

I am a French intern in Singapore, and I try to seize all the opportunities I can in order to travel around on the weekends. So when I was searching ...

Things to do in Hanoi

My unforgettable day tour exploring Perfume Pagoda with a local insider

I had been living in Hanoi for three months teaching English when I saw some pictures on social media of large temples and stone archways nestled high in the mountains. ...

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh

This is how I got off the beaten path in Mekong Delta Vietnam and had the most amazing time

During my seven-month trip to Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, I unexpectedly found a job in Ho Chi Minh City. I decided to stay and call this place my ...

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh

My experience with a local guide in Ho Chi Minh city

It was my birthday in May, so my partner, Anthony and I decided to go on an overseas trip to celebrate. We love South-East Asia and all that the region ...

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh

My little private trip exploring Vietnam buddhist temples in Ho Chi Minh City

I came to Ho Chi Minh City needing a break from work ( I am a high school teacher from Singapore) and partly to reconnect with a city and country that ...