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Local tips in Vietnam

Comprehensive guide to visiting Vietnam with kids

Vietnam has been staying on the bucket list of many travellers. With rich culture, authentic cuisine and stunning nature, there’d never “enough time” to explore all the amazing things ...

Local tips in Vietnam

8 weird things you’ll only see in Vietnam

Considered as one of the happiest countries in the world, Vietnam also offer visitors tons of joy that you can easily find anywhere on streets. Taking a walk around any ...

Local tips in Thailand

What to pack for Thailand? Essential things to have before your trip

You have filled your travel itinerary with day by day excursions. You have booked your flights. Your visa is a go. Now, the only task left to tackle is filling ...

Local tips in Thailand

Thailand power outlets and adapters: Important things you need to know

Having the right plugs when travelling to Thailand is important, especially the voltage compatibility. Using the wrong plugs or voltage might end up frying your electronic devices. This guide outlines ...

Local tips in Vietnam

A Guide On How to Spend Two Weeks in Vietnam

From the grandeur of Ha Long Bay to the wonder that is the Cu Chi Tunnels, two weeks in Vietnam gives you a real taster of what the country has ...

Local tips in Vietnam

Is Vietnam safe? These are 15 tips to stay safe in Vietnam

“Is Vietnam safe?” – I have been asked this question a lot since I moved to Vietnam. Having lived in Vietnam for many years without any safety concerns, I can confirm ...